Eye Infection
Koh Phangan, Thailand

History & Symptoms
August 2001

NOTE-- after about 11:30am EST today (8/16/01), i will not be able to get email as the network here will be closed, so you can reach me on my U.S. mobile number (1-xxx-xxx-xxxx). i will be travelling to SuratThani and back tomorrow (8/17/01), leaving your time about 4pm EST on 8/16/01 and returning about 8am EST 8/17/01.

August 10 (approximately)
notice redness and irritation in left eye

August 12
visit to nurse at pharmacy; regimen --
1) Amoxy 500mg 4x/day antibiotic
2) Neomycin/Polymixin B/Gramicidin eyedrops 4x/day

August 14
1st visit to clinic in ThongSala town, Koh Phangan; regimen --
1) Phenicol 0.5% Eye Drops (Chloramphenicol)
2) Hista-Oph Eye Drops (Antazoline HCI 0.05%, Tetrahydrozoline HCI 0.04%, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Benzalkonium Chloride 0.015% as preservative); antazoline is an antihistamine, and tetrahydrozoline is a vasoconstrictor
3) CPM antihistamine tablets

August 16
2nd visit to clinic in ThongSala town, Koh Phangan
determine to go to Thurat Sani city on mainland to see eye doctor

Current Symptoms
[all eye symptoms less worse in right eye]
-- inner 'skin' in eyelid (i think the conjunctiva) is red and swollen in both eyes
-- thick clear sticky mucous flowing and tearing constantly
-- eye pain and fatigue (especially in left eye when applying eyedrops); sometimes too painful to open left eye
-- eye pain when bending over (i assume vessels are filling with blood)
-- lymph nodes (just in front of ears, just behind jaw) are enlarged
-- a little runny nose, clear mucous
-- a little headache, tightness across back of skull, temples, behind eye orbits
-- eyedrops lessen tearing however swelling has not gone down
-- so far vision does not seem to be impaired, except for eye fatigue, and for the fact that i cannot see out of left eye from pain and blurryness

Both Eyes
August 16, 2001 05:30 EST

Left Eye
August 16, 2001 05:30 EST

Right Eye
August 16, 2001 05:30 EST

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