24 Aug 2004

Back to NY

Blog | Tuesday 01:31:54 GMT+6

Recently accepted a job in HK, working with a bunch of ex-DLJ colleagues in NY and my old boss who have all been recently hired. So to NY to wait for my visa, and then back to HK.

in other news, my webhost 1and1 sucks big time! their servers are often down, their support mostly is entirely incompetant, and they lost half of my site. free service or not, it's not worth the hassle. haven't had the energy to reload everything until i move webhosts. so just hope to have this site up and running again soon...

13 May 2004

HK Arrival

Blog | Thursday 14:17:54 GMT+6

Chep Lap Kok International Airport, Hong Kong SAR

Arrived into HK.

7 May 2004

Coming Soon!

Blog | Thursday 19:21:54 EST

dive boat in Playa del Carmen

Coming soon....